The openSMB (open Scientific Measurement Board) started as a joint of the Thuenen Institute of Baltic Sea Fisheries in Rostock, the Thuenen Institute of Sea Fisheries in Bremerhaven and Hensel Electronik in Rostock.

The rugged and seawater resistant hardware includes a data collection device for fishery science, designed to be used in labs as well as on board of commercial fishing vessels.

In addition to standard requirements (e.g. operation on mains and autonomous mode, interface to scales, 1mm resolution), the main focus of the development was to ensure that it is flexible and future-proof. Following key design criteria were applied:

  • platform independend
  • use of standard industrial components
  • interfaces for high inter connectivity and future requirements
  • standard formats and services
  • scalable
  • adaptable to user needs
  • Open Source license and full documentation